01-07-3302 - Following transmissions have been intercepted from Wilson


Dang, I have one job on this mission – and that is to take pictures.

But today I failed even that.

The jump that almost caused Bomba to fall back in the same hole,

and the ferry-ride on the Drake was just so exiting I forgot myself.

However, the lighting conditions where exelent for aerial photos

so at least I can show you the progress from above.

Look at the difference between the valley Bomba is in,

and the Valley we are hoping to get him to:

Top down:
The upcoming intersection:
Ah, I have one of Bomba before he boards the Drake I belive:

Transmission as follows:

Back on PRAEA EUQ GK-Y B30-0 2, after SRV had been saved from the hole & moved to the Plateau of Hope…
I moved my ship from “Teaparty site” over “Valley of the Drake” & to “Plateau of Hope” with CMDR Count Von Weiss

Video transmission from subject CMDR Peregrinus19

we found a probe in the side of the canyon wall…not sure how a SRV would get to the probe
at bearing 39: -11.1687, 155.5820

…showed CMDR Cajuncontroller the hole Boma fell in & then was rescued from …then went back to Plateau of Hope & backed up enough to show the view of the Plateau of Hope & then side valley “Mom Valley” that they are planning on taking Boma to later
…a possible route for CMDR Bomba to drive on with his SRV if he wants…

video (of route from Plateau of Hope into Mom Valley …flew along the floor to show 3D radar map):

CMDR Bomba Luigi has broken radio silence: At first was trying to get some mats, I had some signal from one direction so I climbed up there (no luck tough, all rocks out of reach) and it was Flankhard who first came.
From up there I had a good view of him flying around and taking pictures, he also did take another look at the hole
Dormus then came and flankhard tried some wallclimbing with his srv and Dormus and his sidewinder pushing him up, I could see them from up where was, or at least I could see Dormus
And while I was sitting up there somwhere (how did I even get up there?!)
Drake approached to act as a lift and I jumped on top of his Conda
as we know now it didn’t turn out too well! I also completley missed take more pictures as we continued ahed (was busy drving about and forgott it, sorry!) but then we crossed the Valley of the Drake and I have to say sitting in front there on the conda really felt like standing at the front of a ship moving on the Sea
Subject Peregrinus19 has transmitted more video:

Greeting from the Plateau of Hope

Tarrakis has made another transmission As you can see from the shadows the sun is high in the sky, so the lighting conditions couldn’t be better for the next stage.
Subject Craith attempted to send an encoded message. His encryption key is stored in our databanks already. View straight down from the top of the canyon (spotting them without their lights is near impossible)
gracefully boarding the Anaconda (first time, when we tried the stairs). Looked really great with Drake coming longside to the "pier"
Building a bridge of ships
Oh no, Bomba is falling


No screenshots during the crossing of the Valley of the Drake, but I got the final leap

The Count arrives.

A new subject of interest has appeared at planet Wilson. We will begin observations of this subject.

I decided to trot along to Praea Euq to check this out for myself!

Anyway – upon arriving I needed to find the general area.

Comparing with Flankhard’s map:

Yep, found the general area.  I landed on the surface, near one of the cliffs of those huge canyons. I got out into my SRV, and just had a pootle around. Started following a signal on the scanner.

I had prophesied to other commanders that this canyon would turn into a trap to draw other SRVs in! And before you could say ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ I realised that the level ground had been sloping evermore downwards and I was driving at nearly vertical downwards!


Crippens! I skidded a 180, and came to a halt. Then started sliding backwards. I hit full throttle, and with lots of wheel skidding and a squeal from the engines, I slowly started to make it back up the incline! Phew that was close!

Crippens! I skidded a 180, and came to a halt. Then started sliding backwards. I hit full throttle, and with lots of wheel skidding and a squeal from the engines, I slowly started to make it back up the incline! Phew that was close!

Just like when I had a car, bad habit of leaving it parked with the headlights on!

Curiosity gets the better of me and I go down into the canyons to ‘have a look’.

These narrow canyons are no place for a clipper!

I find somewhere, near the bottom, to land.

I’m expecting to see Gollum down here!

In the SRV at the ‘bottom’ of the canyon. No it’s not the bottom. What I thought was the bottom of the canyon is actually a a long way from the bottom! I just daren’t go any further!

At last some company! Peregrinus turns up in his DBX! Can’t see anything. Not the blackness of space (it’s quite light up there) but the utter blackness of a deep dark canyon. I’m just following him, blindly, hence the shields starting to go. And I’m about 4 times wider than him!

The Plateau of Hope:

We scouted the plateau of hope, and Peregrinus found a hole. Here is the topography of the plateau along with the hole

While I landed on top of the Plateau of Hope to act as a signpost Peregrinus and Cajun delved into the depths beyond the plateau. On the scanner, they are actually ahead of me to the front – but they are 2 or 3 kilometres, and falling, beneath where I am landed! It was rather odd to watch their squares drop ‘downwards’ on the scanner, and just keep going until they dropped right off! It’s then really difficult to navigate back to them because the ground scanner isn’t designed for 3d flight like this and it lies to you, and flies you into canyon walls and upsets your sense of direction!

CMDR Havalok

Has sent details of Bomba's plight to GALNET - He must continue to be observed

OK GalNet!
Man the Empire’s Security sure is shoddy. Flew into the heart of Achenar, one of their largest stations, with my Pirate Paintjob and a forged Permit and they never even noticed. 240 Lys there and back and I never got interdicted till I was one jump from home and that was by a Bounty Hunter! He go BOOM!

A series of transmissions has been intercepted showing a new problem on planet Wilson:

Bomba: Emergency Broadcast: CMDR Dormus fell deep down in his SRV, sidewinder recall on top of the Plateau where he can’t get to, Tarrakis and FoxTwo on the Rescue!


Count: Plateau of Hope = misnomer, Bermuda Plateau


Bomba: Looks like he managed to fall into a even smaler hole then me! And hes the one with the Sidewinder


Count: I appear to be stranded on the plateau in my SRV… hmmm… That canyon, it’ll suck you all in, I warn ya, I warn ya!


Craith: Signal received, ETA > 120 minutes. Systems showing irregularities on boot up.


Bomba: Situation looks better now with Dormus, hes not in the hole anymore, but still very deep down! And now I here Count has trouble too? This planet really is a griefer


Maximillian Chilli: Rescue Sidewinder on the way. ETA 18:00 UTC. Do we have coordinates for CMDR Dormus’ location?


Bomba: Looks like he made it to a spot where his sidewinder can land next to him, everybody calm down! Nodoby dies on Planet wilson, not on my Watch! I’m sure I will mess up enough for your help to be needed


Count: I am stuck in my own personal hell hole/phased space where no one can reach me – and my SRV has now malfunctioned and refuses to pick up materials, so I can’t refuel. I’ve shut all systems down and got into my thermal blanket, and picked up the only book I brought with me. Robinson bleeding Crusoe. Patsy has started making preparations to kit out an AspEx and fly out. I’ve been telling her not to, it’s too dangerous here, but she’s her own boss. At least you can see atm!


Cajuncontroller: She was a good SRV, but she did it for science and exploration….


Count: Thanks to the phenomenal support at Gutamaya I have been able to rendezvous with my ship. But the SRV is pretty much written off.  Gonna bid you all the best Bomba, but due to the mysterious and cascading technical woes experienced at New Bermuda/Camp Wilson, particularly around the Plateau of Certain Doom, I’m more of a liability and am going to end up dead or in need of emergency rescue myself! The SRV is out of action, and the ship is not well at all. Gonna head back to the bubble and watch this unfold on the news!


Bomba: I have at least seen you for a short moment Count, thanks for visiting! I know Planet Wilson can be tough, but hes a nice planet at heart. Well, today ended where it started, on the plateu of hope – Thing about hope is leaving it seems to not end well. But Rescue Team manged to save CMDR Dormus, thats very good news! Other good news is I managed to find a bit of Iron, enough for a extra repair. One Repair can make all the diffrence. But the way ahed looks very difficult, CMDR Tarrakis then jumped off the plateau in his Sidewinder(edit: lol what, did I write Sidewinder? I mean SRV, I’m getting to obsessed with Sidewinders) like a madman to test how well that works out – we lost another SRV, so not too good. But I managed to snap some nice pictures from his jump, just had to move away from the PC quick again so they will come later! For now as bad as it looks to go ahead I’m sure we will find a way, there is nothing that can stop us so much I learned on Planet Wilson so far! We will probably need CMDR Drakes Conda tough, giving me another ride across the rough terrain ahead. We will make that work, thats for sure!

And now, please a moment of silence for Tarrakis SRV.


Tarrakis: I’m starting to think using this plateau was a bad idea…sure, it’s nice and flat on top, but the sides are near vertical, making it near impossible to get down from in an SRV. A ferry ride is definitely in order, alas the team was Conda-less today and the surface of an AspX or a Sidewinder is far too small to go too far without risking Bomba falling off. In other news, I tried to take a running jump onto the next outcrop in my SRV – it started so well, managed to get some huge air (several Km above the canyon floor), but I was falling too fast, hit the side of the cliff, tumbled, I managed a repair at this point, tumbled some more and finally…BOOM!
Luckily my ships safety systems did some quantum jiggery-pokery and I awoke in orbit. I’m out for now as I need to get back to the bubble to help with the Dangerous Games/CGs, but I will return to Planet Wilson soon – unless of course Bomba makes it out before I get back.


Count: I’ve heard 2 separate reports of commanders deploying their SRVs on what they thought was solid ground, only to drop through. There is something very wrong with that plateau!


It would appear that this world is not safe for any CMDR. THE Foundation will dispatch an agent to investigate this.

Count has been mapping the surface of planet Wilson

Despite the glorious daylight, it can be difficult to make things out on photos.

This is the Plateau of Hope – straight on is a sheer cliff face.

The best route down would be to the left (looking towards the Junction of Doom).

There are some steps that lead down to a sheer cliff, that is about half the height of the main cliff.

Beyond the Plateau of Hope

There is a bit of a drop down a sheer cliff into the Shallow Well. There is only a small ridge, and on the other side is a narrow bore deep hole.

From the shallow well there are a series of challenging steps down, alas they end in a sheer cliff. He would need ship assistance to get down. Still, a very challenging descent.

Getting into the Shallow Well:

Would maybe need ship assistance to get into the well. Not too much of a drop, but would certainly do a little damage.

The Steps

The terrain of the steps beyond the well is very treacherous, with at least one deep hole.

Beyond the Plateau there is a path running along the canyon. However, beyond that is very bad indeed!

The path comes to a jagged end;
The jagged end of the path is just about passable.

Maxmillian Chilli

Has sent another transmission which we are looking into:

It was a worthwhile experiment. I was surprised by the distance you managed to achieve.

It is worth remembering that, unlike Cmdr Tarrakis, poor Cmdr Bomba Luigi no longer has a ship to perform quantum jiggery-pokery in the case of such an accident. This is all that remains of Cmdr Tarrakis SRV:

THE Foundation

Has intercepted yet more direct comm's between the CMDR's on planet Wilson

Count: The chasm is collecting SRV wrecks I see.


Bomba: Hmm, that looks like a very good way to go you found there count! Main problem is the hole, falling in there would be bad and when going down in the srv so steep you can lose control very easy. But maybe we can get a asp in there to plug the hole, that could solve that issue. And how far does it go down to the shallow well? On a World with such low G as wilson you can survive quite deep falls, but its of course a bit of poker. But sometimes you gotta take a bit of risk!

Count: I am quaking with horror at the route I am mapping out for you, but it’s the best I can find! It is pitted with holes and cliffs and spikes! My first instinct is to go with the suggestion of going up from the chasm using ship assist. However – if you were to go and get some rest instead, it might give the team here some time to test out some ship assist techniques, and also for me to map the roue ahead properly – because so far I don’t think the chasm has been the worst part, beyond the plateau there is a path,and it seems to end in a flurry of steep sharp anti-SRV spikes! I shall update as I survey, but it would make me real nervous to know you were hurtling on down off the plateau and possibly following me into a cul-de-sac!


Tarrakis: Damn right for science…and fun – I quite enjoyed flying in my SRV. Do not mourn my little Scarab though, I am already back in the bubble with a new one safely tucked away in the hanger


Bomba: The main problem are deep holes, holes are bad! And falling down very deep of course, but places like the one where you have screenshot from inside your cockpit shouldn’t cause too much trouble with some speed and jumping. But its definitly a difficult way ahead, probably best to go with as much support as possible to reduce risk as much as possible. Is there any time tomorrow where it works best for most CMDR to go online? I’m very flexible as to when go online on the weekend. Glad to hear you made it back to bubble tarrakis, say hello to the people there for me.


Count: The route down to the Shallow Well looks worse every time I look at it! The drop from the lip to the bottom of the well is 350m. I’ll take a closer look at the route down to the well.


Maximillian Czhilli: I’m heading pack to the the Plateau of Hope. I’ll do some surveying of routes if nobody else is about.


Drake Aurum: Good evening. At this rate we may have to rename it the Plateau of Forlorn Hope. I’m going to log in for awhile, do some scouting, both to see how things look for SRV travel and to spy out some reasonably good sightlines for a straight, level Condaback ride that will lead to a safe disembarkation point. Hopefully we can arrange a convenient time to convene tomorrow for the attempt.