The days reports mainly concern the rescue of Bomba from a hole. Note: Some reverse sonar imaging has been used to gain the perspective seen.


Transmission from subject Bomba Luigi

Drake was the first who found me, he also found out that the hole is almost Anaconda shaped!

And here you can see on what little space Dormus manouvered his Sidewinder
And me drving on the sidewinder and hugging it (I owe you a Shipwash Dormus)

Traffic Report:

I have seen system with a lower traffic report then this hole!

But at the end of the Day I made it out!

And of course the hero of the Day!

The Coordinates of the hole are -11.8888, 155.5631

its right next to the tea party but it needs its own name! Maybe “The Dormus Challenge”? People looking for a challenge can go there, one hops in the hole with a srv and the other tries to get him out with a Sidewinder

Oh, and as to what I do: Well, not thinking too much ahead! But I had the goal of getting out of the Canyon and writing a big SOS in the Ground, no Idea what comes after that!

But as dangerous as it is here

its a very nice place! Looking back from where I came, far in the Distance somwhere there

Another awesome day on planet Wilson!

Lifting me all the way up out of the canyon didn’t quite work, its too high and I almost fell into the same hole again, and then later I almost fell into another hole
But Craith showed what a great Pilot he is by catching me with his Asp, many thanks for that! But it seems I get naturally drawn to holes, you might have a hard time not leading me into them Peregrinus

From there we ended up at place where there seemed to be no good way to go for me, but then Drake came to the rescue by slowly moving me across the seemingly impossible to cross terrain below us, another intense moment of moving slowly on top of a ship! And then I learned that I really want a Rift, at one point it looked that I could easy make the jump to safe terrain, but it turned out it wasn’t that easy of a jump and in the End I was down to 4% Hull! But I survived and make it to top, so all is good!

Drake Aurum

Sent the following set of data

Trying to replicate the Sidewinder Elevator in an Anaconda started well.

However, it proved less straightforward than it appeared. It’s a heavy ship, and it seems that it imparts a lot of it momentum to a smaller object on even a little thrust. Trying to thrust up incrementally with keyboard controls, every time I took the pressure off Bomba Luigi would leap skyward.

After about three such incidents, Bomba nearly tumbled back down a hole, and we decided to proceed on foot (or at least wheel) for awhile.

Soon, we came to a place where the only way forward was a sheer, deep drop.

Our first idea was for Bomba to leap from ship to ship as stepping stones. It went well.

However, as I was lining up to be the third ‘stone’, I realised that I had a good line across the canyon, and decided it was worth trying a little bit of throttle.

There followed 15 minutes of some of the tensest flying I’ve ever experienced at under 20 m/s.

Finally, as we neared the next flat-topped bluff, Bomba Luigi made his jump.










It was a lot further than it looked, and things were a little dicey, but finally he found stable footing, and once more we parked up for the night.