After several attempts to climb sheer rock

and one spill which knocked over 30% off my SRV's hull, I decided to risk all and hit the Recall button.












I don’t know how Bomba managed to survive out here for so long.


Message intercepted from CMDR Drake Aurum – It appears he has made contact with CMDR Bomba Luigi. Monitoring of all subjects involved is to continue.

Aerial Survey from 50km directly above the initial LZ

These images were captured from a data transmission from CMDR Tarrakis - This person is to be considered a subject for observation.

Image(s) 1/2: Left is 0° (see image 3), right is 180° (image 4)

Image(s) 1/2: Left is 0° (see image 3), right is 180° (image 4)

Image 3: 0° Bearing, nothing but a wall of mountains

Image 3

Image 4: 180°, looks promising, but there is no viable through route on the canyon floor - the smaller hills, just visible at this altitude block the path at various points.

Image 4

Many thanks to CMDR DrakeAurum, Tarrakis and Peregrinus19 for coming and visiting me, yall are aweomse!

Its good to chat with somebody to prevent Space Madness... no wait, Planet Madness of course!

I hope I can finally get some daylight again soon

Not seeing anything does not help

I'll be here holding vigil over the canyon...

chattering into my radio

“Not sure if you can here me down there?!?! Hello?….oh well, I guess I’ll just read out the football scores…..”.

I’m still here, just parked up on the side of the canyon.


Message from CMDR Tarrakis. Data added to subject Tarrakis and subject Bomba databanks.

Location of transmission: -13.67, 156.25

I'm at -14.81, 155.78

one of my better climbing attempts, about halfway up over the barrier blocking progress:

Another route, full throttle, jump, and use your boosters to "fly"





These images were transmitted under heavy encoding by CMDR Craith. He must now be considered a subject of interest to THE Foundation during this event.

I've been out way further than this, but this place is gettin' to me maan

THE Foundation does not recognise the so called mental state of 'Space Madness'. Subject Tarrakis should be watched closely

Managed to upload video...

Subject Peregrinus19 has transmitted a large data-burst towards the bubble

I have another video showing attempts to find a escape route from the canyon valley & some SRV wall climbing...

Here are some screenshots I took earlier:

This is good news.

I did not see Bomba yesterday and I was starting to think Bomba was not a real person, but perhaps a fragment of the 2.1.02 AI, serving as a space siren luring in travellers and sending them off to a dimension called “Connection to Server Lost”. That leaves us with this probe containing Alliance Data found right on top of the canyon from Bombas location. It has curiously been removed during the night. I will continue to search topside for more suspicios activity – perhaps there is a hidden base somewhere


The above message has been picked up from another CMDR who seems to have joined in this rescue attempt. He should now be considered a subject of observation by THE Foundation.


The discovery of a probe on the planets surface is interesting as it points to this being a possible site of an old alien culture that Humanity once had contact with before the Thargoid invasion. THE Foundation will consider dispatching an agent to the area.

Well I found the base

unfortunately there is not much left. I found no clue as to who or what have been here.


Supplemental transmission detected buried beneath the main transmission layer. This subject is attempting to hide information from somebody. Who? And more importantly… Why?


The subject also tried to hide a map in his data-burst.

Updated map:

GalNet Update

Title: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (UPDATE 1.0)


It would seem that another attempt to notify the general populace via Galnet has been made. The subject who has sent this is identified as CMDR Havalok.


Transmission reads:


Deep Space Imperial Listening Posts have reestablished comms with the Praea EUQ rescue team! All though rescue efforts have so far been thwarted the situation is not as dire as first suspected. The Rescue Team is alive and well despite suffering dire systems failure. Many have been able to repair and deploy SRVs and have begun a grid search of the maze of canyons on the second planet, locating the downed Commander and trying to establish a route out of the maze and to safe landing point. Despite not finding a clear path of egress the search has yielded some unexpected results on the distant, uninhabited planet in the form of wreckage. A downed satellite of unknown make and origin yet containing Alliance Data has been found close to the fragments of what appears to have once been a base of some kind, though the Rescue Team is simply not equipped for a more detailed analysis of the decayed structures.


In addition, the Listening Posts report the remnants of gravatonic waves have been detected in the region. It is believed these waves may have been the cause for the ship systems failures and perhaps even hallucinations experienced by the pilots. Gravatonic waves can have a polarizing effect on simple water molecules, causing them to influence the brain much like alcohol. The source of the gravatonic waves has not yet been determined as they can be caused by natural or man-made (dare we say Thargoid-made)phenomena.


Stay tuned for additional details as the situation unfolds.


THE Foundation will continue to monitor this subject.