Finaly back in daylight,

its good to see something again!

Current location is – 14.4944, 155.8265 but I will be moving now, collecting some mats and stuff. Don’t ask me whre I’m going, I have no Idea yet


We have intercepted the latest transmission from subject Bomba.

I was glad to meet you all tonight,

you sure have a nice planet there Bomba Luigi ...

The very bottom of the hole we have to get over tomorrow…

looks like my ship is stuck in cake


It seems that the subject CMDR Craith has joined the other CMDR’s at the event site.

But at least we had a great party!

With tea! and ... plasma repeater shows ... and ... dust!

What a great day on Planet Wilson!

So many CMDR coming to help me, catching me, lifting me and getting me to really high places I could have never gotten ot on my own!

And I have Tea now

And they all come in so many diffrent ships

From Sidwinder to Anaconda!

Current location for the nights rest is -11.9515, 155.5307, also know as the Tea Party Location

When I woke from my nap

I found the planet had entered into Twilight.

Beautiful and spooky at the same time. I wish you could see this Bomba.

After hearing radio chatter

I was exited to go meet the rescue crew and the man himself CMDR Bomba. But I got second thoughts when I found myself staring into an abyss. The fading light made it impossible to see the bottom.

But after a careful decent I finally arrived and found the guys in high spirits – joking and drinking tee around the campfire.

Two SRV wrecks, two skimmer wrecks and a data point with more intel for the Alliance.

After Bomba tucked in for the night I decided to scout ahead. I don’t mean to get everyone’s spirit down – not after they made such great progress – but further up the valley I was met with a grim sight.


















THE Foundation intercepted this message from subject Flankhard 28-06-3302 23:58. The contents seem routine enough but we are especially concerned by this image. If what we are seeing is correct, this world is very dangerous. It is becoming clear that this world used to be far more than it first appeared to be…

Updated Map

Contained in the databurst from subject Flankhard

...met up with CMDR Bomba Luigi & CMDR Drake Aurum

at bearing 108 -13.7663, 155.8299 Followed CMDR Bomba around for a bit before being joined with CMDR Craith Rhandrir, CMDR Dormus, & CMDR Flankhard


..had some fun scouting paths, boosting /giving CMDR Bomba Luigi a lift up those walls, & messing about in SRVs:


The above message was faint when first detected, however it was picked up clearer at listening post 27 by Foundation agents. The signal also contained vast amounts of visual information presented below. Also we have no record of CMDR Dormus – clarity required.


Seeing as I missed the rendezvous yesterday

and when I arrived at the tea party camp it was clear that the reality glitches continue as there weren’t even any tyre tracks…this planet is not right I tell you, although I’m not in a rush to leave, so I decided to do what explorers do….

Started exploring.

From 250Km above basecamp I spot a mountain on the horizon

Some extreme features on this planet,

great to fly over - a tourist destination perhaps?

Another transmission from subject Tarrakis that we have intercepted. It would appear from the images captured that our planetary geologists may well be correct in their assessment… For the sake of those exploring this world it is now a matter of urgency for us to act.


It would appear subject Havalock has again tried to send news of this even around the bubble

Location: General GalNet
Hazardous Rescue Underway


The Pilots Federation has issued a Navigation Hazard Warning for the PRAEA EUQ GK-Y B30-0 system. The Warning comes on the heels of a Rescue Operation currently underway in the system on PRAEA EUQ GK-Y B30-0 2.


The drama began to unfold when a distress signal was detected from Cmdr Bomba Luigi. His ship failed to recall after an apparent crash leaving him stranded in his SRV within the confines of a maze of deep cliffs. Within a few short hours several volunteer rescue ships began to converge on the area, only to find themselves plagued with system and instrumentation failures. As the rescuers began a grid search of the uninhabited planet they came across the unexpected wreckage of a downed satellite and possibly a destroyed base. Unequipped to perform a detailed analysis of these objects the team was only able to pull Alliance Data from the satellite. Comms from the rescue Op began to indicate strange effects on the Pilots as well as they reported disappearing ships, tea parties, and campfires amidst bursts of raucous laughter. It is for these many and varied reasons the Pilots Federation is urging caution when approaching the system. It has been determined that Cmdr Bomba Luigi is alive and Rescue Operations are still ongoing.


The ship systems failures, strange pilot behavior, and unexpected wreckage have yet to be explained.


Reporting – Cmdr Havalok