If you make it to the exit

it's smooth driving all the way to the top.

The other valleys also lead to freedom… eventually. Looks easy from up here, but I’m sure Peregrinus video will show a different reality on the ground. Also “Intersection of Doom” will probably be renamed “Intersection of tea and biscuits” by the time you guys arrive.


Subject Flankhard has sent more map information. It would appear they plan to have Bomba drive out of the canyon. A risky thing for anyone to attempt. We can only watch as this happens. An agent must now be dispatched at the earliest opportunity. However the agent we have in mind to send is currently in deep space and out of communication range.

Exit point POW the ground.

Drove all the way from the bottom.

Found another SRV wreck close to the exit point.

Notice I have recalled my ship in the backround - ah, how easy we forget the everyday comforts.

Cargo left behind

could suggest that it was somebody trying to bring you supplies.

Not sure about the gold. Female admirer perhaps.


CMDR Bomba transmitted the following reply: That looks like a very good way out, great work! But I really hope the Intersection of Doom won’t do its name justice (I blame you if I die there, your name, your responsibility!)