I think I messed up, I fell in a really, really, deep hole

Emergency broadcast received from subject Bomba

We had been monitoring local radio chatter between a group of CMDR’s and subject Bomba. The talk was of SRV sanitary devices – A sign of planetary madness manifesting itself? Due to the lack of a visual signal we have no idea of knowing how much trouble CMDR Bomoba is in…

We will continue to observe this situation until we can dispatch an agent.

Such is the amount of transmissions coming from Planet Wilson we will now be sending daily updates as opposed to single updates. Below are the rest of the communications we intercepted on 29-07-3302.


oh crap...

I hope it wasn’t either of these 2 holes that were in the path you would be going today …scouted ahead…
hole #1 …medium size:

hole #2 ….huuuuuuge size:

Drake Aurum

sent the following:

Okay, there is definitely an issue.

For perspecitve:

The view is straight down.

I’m halfway down the hole.

CMDR Craith Rhandir is in the Asp, trying to be a ladder.

Bomba Luigi is beneath the Asp.


The Gravi-wotsit wave must’ve subsided as realities have merged again – we currently have a sidey down a very deep hole attempting to rescue Bomba

Drake Aurum

If Bomba get out of this, He and Dormus can go into the circus together – highwire trapeze acts have nothing on this.


In response to an un-known CMDR's question "Whats happening?" Not sure if it is a boy or a girl yet.

Bomba Luigi

I made it out!!

CMDR Dormus and his sidewinder pulled me out of there like a boss, best Sidewinder in the Galaxy! The Tension when I was on his ship and he slowly moved up was killing me.

No image had been transmitted by this time and the information cannot be verified yet.

Drake Aurum

Dormus was truly awesome. Here's a quick shot of the moment of victory. Our question of who CMDR Dormus is remains. We will continue to try and identify this elusive subject.


trying to find Bomba proved to be quite a complicated task, he found himself a nice hiding hole.

There is some light ...

There he is!

view from the hole:

trying to lift Bomba up proved to be tricky

nicely wedged into the wall

filling the hole with tea didn't work either ... to much hole, to little tea:

making way for a sleek sidewinder ... nicely kitted out! its really cozy down there ... way down there ...

nearly there:


Phenomenally flown by Dormus, you can still see Tarrakis acting as an emergency catcher back in the hole, and Drake Aurum as a last minute safety backup highway … fortunately it all worked out great.



lets relax with a nice can of tea!

No ground was gained this evening, but a lot of really tense (and realy cozy) situations occured, and a lot of fun was had.

Just a pic of the heroship.

CMDR Dormus (Murgle) Sidewinder "Speedy". Proving that size realy matters.


-11.9515, 155.5307 So same as yesterday. Great location for wallracing though. If I got a 1000cr each time I dinged that rock on the wall, I'd settle down for good.

From the above information it is clear that these individuals have come together for the greater good of another CMDR. These may well be the best pilots we find for the coming fall.

We also note a clue as to the real identity of CMDR Dormus – Murgle, wither this is some from of code or a nickname. Either way we shall continue to monitor this situation.

Peregrinus19 & Drake Aurum

Posted video's of the event