Drake Arum




  Transmission from subject Bomba Luigi Drake was the first who found me, he also found out that the hole is almost Anaconda shaped! its right next to the tea party but it needs its own name! Maybe "The Dormus Challenge"? People looking for a challenge can go...
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Oh God,

We had been monitoring local radio chatter between a group of CMDR's and subject Bomba. The talk was of SRV sanitary devices - A sign of planetary madness manifesting itself? Due to the lack of a visual signal we have no idea of knowing how much trouble CMDR Bomoba is...
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After several attempts to climb sheer rock

                      I don't know how Bomba managed to survive out here for so long.   Message intercepted from CMDR Drake Aurum - It appears he has made contact with CMDR Bomba Luigi. Monitoring of all...
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The Bomba incident begins

  So, I just started going out exploring and about 1000Ly out, found a nice looking planet to drive about a bit and having fun. Good times! Then I recall my Ship and it was weird, my view was blocked (lots of high stuff around me) so I target it from the contact...
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