Dang, I have one job on this mission - and that is to take pictures. But today I failed even that. The jump that almost caused Bomba to fall back in the same hole, and the ferry-ride on the Drake was just so exiting I forgot myself. However, the lighting conditions...
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Oh God,

We had been monitoring local radio chatter between a group of CMDR's and subject Bomba. The talk was of SRV sanitary devices - A sign of planetary madness manifesting itself? Due to the lack of a visual signal we have no idea of knowing how much trouble CMDR Bomoba is...
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If you make it to the exit

The other valleys also lead to freedom... eventually. Looks easy from up here, but I'm sure Peregrinus video will show a different reality on the ground. Also "Intersection of Doom" will probably be renamed "Intersection of tea and biscuits" by the time you guys...
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The Bomba incident begins

  So, I just started going out exploring and about 1000Ly out, found a nice looking planet to drive about a bit and having fun. Good times! Then I recall my Ship and it was weird, my view was blocked (lots of high stuff around me) so I target it from the contact...
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