Help, I need Ship Rats!

Emergency call made by CMDR Bomba Luigi


So, I just started going out exploring and about 1000Ly out, found a nice looking planet to drive about a bit and having fun. Good times! Then I recall my Ship and it was weird, my view was blocked (lots of high stuff around me) so I target it from the contact panel.

Shields down, hull down to 30%. and spinning around … what are you doing Asp?!
C’mon, don’t be silly… aaaaaand hes gone, with a boom, bye bye Asp!

So here I am stranded in my SRV and I could really need some help from Ship Rats!

“Use the Self-destruct, Luke!”
Don’t wanna! I can survive If I just try hard enough! Always believe, never give up!!


It is not long before the Fuel Rats respond, informing subject Bomba that they are unable to help.


THE Foundation has begun monitoring this situation. All information relating to subject Bomba will appear below.

See original source

First images transmitted

Subject Bomba has managed to send images of his location

I am at least stranded at very nice place!

I now just need to look

if I can get everything here I need to survive (Phosphorus, Sulphur, Iron and Nickel) and I have seen enough Movies to know that I need to write a big SOS message!

Problem is I'm not where I am on the second picture anymore,

I’m deep down in the Canyon:

Need to get to higher ground for a proper message, finding a way will be very difficult if not impossible!

“Luke, seriously, theres no point”
Shut up Ben! Wheres your sense for Adventure?

First attempts to get out of the Canyon today

I have a plan which is good I saw a way out on the screenshot, I just had to go in the right direction! But what is the right direction? No Idea, its dark, I can hardly see anything and it looks everywhere the same no matter in which direction I look.


So yeah, plan B then:

Just pick a direction and hope the best! Sounds easy enough, but I soon learned that this is a very spikey place with lots of high and steep places that are very hard to drive around, hardly made any progress


But I made some progress

And there are good news: I can get here everything that I need for refuel, repair and rearm my SRV. Take that world, you ain't stoppin me!


And as a little advice should anybody else ever get in a situation like that this:

Always keep your head up!

Because looking down you will always see the missing the “recal ship” option. And no matter what you do, don’t go to the Ship panel, its very depressing

You're a hard one to track down, Commander

Don't worry, I'm going to drop down.


THE Foundation has picked up a transmission from CMDR Drake Arum. He shall now be considered a subject under observation for the duration of this event.

What would be the point of flying out all that way without any tea?

CMDR Drakes response to a transmission received on-route

I even brought him some coffee, in case he's one of those dreadful heathens.

CMDR Drakes response to a transmission received on-route

I'll be keeping a lookout for you

I was curious

how far out CMDR Bomba Luigi is ...dang! far

This message was transmitted by CMDR Perigenus19.

For more information on this subject select below



- 14.0959 155.5451

THE Foundation has monitored a transmission from these coordinates, system Praea Euq gk-y b30-0, planet 2

Along with the location we intercepted radio chatter from subject Bomba Luigi:


I think I got myself into a mess here, not sure if theres a place to land anywhere close need some daylight to finaly see more and find out, but it looks like its already getting a bit brighter!


Also from the datasquirt from Peregrinus I’m a bit disapointed, it says the system has 0 Population but thats not true! Why do I not count?


We will continue to monitor this event.

It's seriously dark down in the canyon right now

and Bomba Luigi wasn’t kidding about it being an awkward landing spot. Here are his last known coordinates:


THE Foundation notes that no coordinates were transmitted. However this is believed to the general area CMDR Bomba Luigi last reported from. This message was sent by CMDR Drake Aurum.

Warning issued to all Foundation agents

SRV Operations on this world are forbidden due to it's hazardous nature

GALNET Submission intercepted

The following message was intercepted and stopped from reaching GALNET

Transmission sent by CMDR Havalok


GalNet Update
Title: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


Thargoid Incursion? Space-time displacement? Hidden Pirate base?


Your guess is as good as ours but the Pilot’s Federation Shipping Authority is urging Commanders to stay out of the vicinity of PRAEA EUQ GK-Y B30-0 as several ships have reportedly gone missing or suffered severe system failures in the area within the past 24 hours. The situation started with a distress call reporting a Commander trapped on the surface in his SRV after his ship failed to return to his location when recalled. It was initially believed his ship perhaps crashed on the treacherous landscape of the second planet but the real reason may be far more ominous. Now several other Commanders have also gone missing after initiating a rescue operation and jumping into the area. Comms from the rescue team have been distorted but seem to indicate massive ship system failures as well as ships phasing in and then back out of existence. Can any of this be believed. Is this perhaps a new attack by the Thargoids or a Witchspace breach into normal space? So far the major powers have taken no action nor issued any statements. Stay tuned for further details.